A business built on trust and friendship

HERITAGE BOOKS 1979 - 2004

"Hello Bunie. It's Ian Charlton from the Ashmolean in Oxford. I've got a gentleman called Harry Sutton with me. He's got the most marvellous idea of using BBC programmes to raise the interest in museum collections in a series of books for children. Are you interested?"

It was twenty five years ago that a conversation  brought together Bunie Loveridge of 'Museum Publications' and Harry Sutton of 'Heritage Books' to form a unique sales force promoting books to galleries and museums throughout the United Kingdom. Harry was a retired RAF Group Captain who became a prolific author of children's books for the National Trust and the BBC. Bunie possessed an in-depth knowledge of the British Museum collections, where they were and what was contained within them.

Bunie signed an agency agreement with Longman Group. It was the first of its kind for this historical English publisher to sell its books into museums.

Other publishers were quickly knocking on Heritage Books' door. Harper Collins, Hodder Stoughton, John Murray, Robert Hale, Kingfisher, Usborne, BBC Publications, Dorling Kindersly, Batsford, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, Cambridge University Press and Andre Deutch were eager to use the experience of Heritage Books to promote their titles into such a specialised market.The success continued throughout the 1980s.

With Harry's retirement in 1992, Bunie decided to concentrate his energies on capturing the London galleries, making himself invaluable to them with his knowledge of books and a supply of publications to support their exhibitions. Heritage Books continued it's growth.

Heritage Books then formed successful partnerships with all the major galleries and museums in London. Bunie had already worked with Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London and Kensington Palace providing them with most of their titles. This association has been a long and fruitful partnership based on mutual trust and friendship.

The year 2000 and beyond

Combining its core skills of sales, marketing, event managment and supply, Heritage Books has continued to grow from strength to strength and  now sucessfuly manages and supplies to a wide variety of specialist outlets throughout the UK.


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