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Who we are : 


At Heritage Books we have over 25 years of experience forging successful partnerships with many of the major museums and galleries in London and the UK. We are very proud to supply them with books and publications to support their exhibitions/shops and events.


We are a Museum, Art gallery, Specialist shops and specialist Library supplier only and do not supply the high street.


Great customer support is one of our key strengths and Heritage Books will fully manage all aspects of your book ordering requirements from start to finish.


We can supply books, DVDís and audio books from a whole range of publishers specialising in many different subjects. For a complete list of who we can supply books from please contact us.


Who we work with : 


We have exclusive arrangements with Watts Publishing, Harper Collins, BBC, Orion ( Weidenfeld and Nicolson ) and English Heritage to promote their publications into Museums and Art Galleries.


We supply and research for the majority of the major institutions in London such as Art Galleries, Museums, specialist libraries and specialist shops.


They are in constant touch with us to source them suitable books for their exhibitions and events and we provide them with a short list of samples, quantities and availability at preferential discounts.



How do you find books ?


One of our major strengths and a key benefit to you is that we offer a unique research service unlike any other.


With so many choices, you will need help selecting and using our 25 years experience we will ensure that you personally get to see the right type of books.


Books your customers will enjoy and expect and more importantly books that have a connection with your museums/galleries own specialised collections.


Heritage Books will actively source suitable books for your exhibitions and shops saving you valuable time lost doing laborious searching and presentation meetings. We will constantly provide you with information and jackets on new/backlist titles and we can arrange many reading samples for you to peruse


How much does it cost ?


We do not charge a fee for our services and you are NOT tied into any contract.


* Heritage Books offers you a set preferential discount on all your standard orders with NO minimum order quantity.


Listed below is an outline of the services for which we can offer you.


  1. Unique research service into titles for your specific event/exhibitions or shops
  2. * A preferential discount on all standard orders with NO minimum order quantity or postage charge
  3. A full comprehensive list of publishers that we currently represent and their associated prefixís
  4. One company, one order, one invoice, one contact
  5. comprehensive customer support
  6. No risk of ď Stop policy ď on order due to invoice query
  7. Continual update of latest titles and AIís
  8. Reading samples
  9. See Safe ( Sale or return ) Notification must be sent to Heritage Books
  10. Your company and events/exhibitions promoted via our website

*Some publishers and titles will have a lower fixed discount and Heritage Books may reflect this in its invoicing. We will inform you where possible.


We try to be flexible where we can, so please do let us know how we can help you.


If you would like further information please contact usClick here